If you have received your Closing Disclosure from your lender, you are almost done with your home buying journey. The Closing Disclosure, provided at least three full days before closing when you sign the final purchase documents, means that you are at the finish line, ready to celebrate with keys in hand. On the CD, you will see the cash to close listed. What exactly is that number and how is it determined? Closing costs include all of the legal costs, appraisal, and other fees that are required to get your home purchase from accepted offer to closing. They can be paid by the buyer, seller, or split between both. These terms will be covered in the purchase offer. Common fees included in this number are:
  • Appraisal, most often paid by the buyer
  • Attorney fees to prepare documents and conduct a title search
  • Title insurance to protect you in case a third-party comes forward to claim ownership
  • Application fees to the lender
  • Origination fees to cover underwriting costs
  • Mortgage insurance premiums, if applicable
  • Funding fees for FHA, USDA, and VA loans, if applicable
  • Pest inspection fees
When all of these fees are totaled, they can result in a significant charge. They will be listed separately on the Closing Disclosure and added to the overall cash to close, less any amount that the lender is willing to roll into the loan value. It will depend on the fee and the lender how much of these they are able to finance. You will probably have already paid an earnest money deposit (EMD) when you first agreed to purchase the home. This amount is usually around $1,000 and is held in escrow while you get to closing. At closing, the EMD goes toward these closing costs. Most of the required cash to close comes from the down payment. Depending on the type of loan that you are using, you may be expected to bring as little as $0 and up to 20% of the purchase price or more to closing. You should discuss this with your lender well before closing, as it is part of the underwriting review. Methods to Pay Closing Costs Lenders do not expect buyers to bring physical cash to their closing appointment, but will provide a few options for transferring money to cover this expense. A cashier’s check is the most common and can be obtained at your local bank or credit union. To get a cashier’s check, you will need to know the exact amount and who to make the check out to. You can also get a certified check from your bank. Lenders will also accept wire transfers, but give yourself a few days for the wire to be processed. Wire transfers are more susceptible to fraud, so always verify the wire addressee with your lender before transferring. Cash, credit or debit cards, and personal checks are typically not accepted for real estate closings. Due to the high amounts, the lender wants to know exactly where the money is coming from and that you are not incurring additional debt to pay the cash to close amount.
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Excellent service !!! Would recommend .

Anthony and his team are timely, and efficient. We found his personalized videos explaining the disclosures to be very helpful, and it also gave us confidence that we understood everything going on. I would highly recommend the Clear Choice Mortgage & Lender Team.

Suoung helped us purchase a home in 2017 and it was terrific experience. She is very diligent in her work and truly cares for her clients. Suong understands that securing the best deals requires quick action, tons of preparation, and working at all hours. Highly recommend. Thank you!

Anthony and his teams are lightning fast!!! They’re responsive and quick with paperwork. I worked with them twice and will do it again in the future. Highly recommended!

Helped me refinanced my old home and manage my new loan... quick, responsive, treat you like family... they have a good team of folks over there...

Best lender ever !!!

The team at Clear Choice Mortgage & Lender make the home buying experience effortless. They are very knowledgeable and always available to answer my calls or texts. Suong and Anthony really care.

Clear Choice Mortgage & Lender is operated by some of the most energetic, enthusiasm and professional young individuals who strive to make a difference in home buying experience. Thanks Suong and Anthony!

My loan was a difficult case with many complicated issues but they handled it all with ease and professionalism, no hard pressure tactics or pushiness. Highly professional staff with easy-to-follow process and online system. Phone calls were always picked up by a friendly person who already knew it was me calling. It didn't matter which one of the staff picked up, they were all up to date on my loan process and could answer all of my questions promptly. Emails were similarly answered quickly and effectively. I highly recommend them and will use their services again for my next loan.

Anthony and his team were on top of the process from beginning to end. From my first intro call with Anthony to the regular communication from his team while in escrow, all of my questions were addressed quickly. Anthony also made sure that I got a competitive rate. I highly recommend Clear Choice Mortgage & Lender!

We highly recommend this team to anyone looking for professional, fast and reliable loan service. We felt very comfortable asking them any questions during the pre-approval and closing process. The team quickly answered all of our questions and kept us informed of the next steps. They are friendly and very easy to work with. We would use them again in the future.

Linh, was amazing to work with. As a Realtor it is important for us to have an open communication with the lender. Linh went over and beyond my expectations. Her team constantly communicated with me how the loan was going. They definitely have earned my future business. Thank you for being so efficient and a big thank you for closing on time! Your team is amazing.

I love this team work. They’re doing better than I thought. They been helping me with all their experiences, especially Sean, he can answered any questions. Im glad to have Sean and his team help me refinance my house. Choose this team, you will not disappoint.

This is the best team to help you refinance or close on buying a home. Anthony and his team are highly recommended with their confidence and skill.

I had a wonderful experience working with Anthony. Great communication; answered all my questions; sent short videos to help explain the processes; met all deadlines. So thankful he was referred to me.

Anthony and his team are amazing and easy to work with. He found us best deal and rate to refinance our home. I did not have to worry about every step of loan process, his team took care of everything. Anthony was always responsive when I called. Highly recommend Anthony and his team to any one is looking to get a home loan and/or refinance. Leave complex loan processes to the Đang team !!

Help me out though out every process from the beginning to the end highly recommend

Anthony Dang and his team were outstanding in the situation I was in with my loan. They were very professional, quick to respond, and very professional with great detail throughout the whole process. I have tried several lenders that could not help me with the predicament that was stuck in but they did it and worked very work hard in getting the best rate, best pricing, and with outstanding communication skills.

Anthony did a great job in getting my loan closed on time and the staff was very friendly, professional and made the loan process easy and convenient. They also got me a great rate on my loan. I would use them again and refer them to anybody looking for a loan.

For a first time home buyer, Anthony and his team made sure I was comfortable the entire way and answered any questions I had no matter the time or day. They really went above and beyond to help us close on our house as quickly and smoothly as possible. I would definitely work with them for any future home purchases.

Anthony and his team were very professional and i would totally recommend. He answered my questions (even the random ones) and made me feel safe and secure with my big decisions. If I ever need to buy another home I am going with Clear Choice Mortgage & Lender! — Michael Kim

We have a pleasure to work with Clear Choice Mortgage & Lender Team, from Anthony, Suong, Sean, and Steve to many others. They worked very hard and help us in closing the house we love to move in. Their dedication trust and knowledge have exceeded our expectation. We thank you very much for their time and look forward working with them again. Best regards

The Dang Morgage team was great and awesome. They provided us the financial approval letter within hours, which was a great help to us in submitting our offer to compete with others in a timely manner. The loan paper work got done within 2 weeks or so which helped to speed up the closing process. On top of that, we are very happy with their help and patience in getting us the lowest interest rate without any point payout. We are very glad that we have been introduced and worked with the team. It was a great experience and we truly appreciate your guys’ help through the entire process without any hassle. Quynh Recel

I really liked to work with Anthony. I worked with him 3 times. Each time, the provided very competitive rate, and closed the loan according to my desired schedule. The best part was he very closely worked with me as a team for the best interest of me. I strong recommend Clear Choice Mortgage & Lender!

I have had a very good experience with Anthony and Clear Choice Mortgage & Lender Team. We completed everything online and closed on time. They are friendly and responsive. I highly recommend them. Thanks!

Great people, easy to work with. Believe it or not, it was a stress free transaction.

Great Team for Mortgage. I am a Real Estate investor.. During my Career I closed so many escrows and mortgage loans. Dang Mortgage Team is the best among...

Anthony is a person who acts fast so you are able to obtain what you and your family needs. From the very start of everything we were in good hands, step by step Anthony and his team were there to guide us and tell us what was next. Overall I will recommend Anthony and his team to any family and friends

Anthony and his team was attentive, efficient, and helpful. I’d highly recommend!

Dang team was excellent! I got helped last couple months ago to buy my house. Anthony, Song and the team helped me get through my loan on time. They were so professional, friendly and helpful. Whenever you have questions, they will try to answer asap. I would recommend Dang team to whoever needs to do loans for buying a house! Dang team is a right choice to help you find a perfect rate loans!

Anthony and Natalie are by far the best in the business. Not only did they get our family the best rate, but they are so clear and thorough. They helped us understand every step of the process and are also just genuinely great human beings. Send your friends and family to them 100% because they deliver every time.

Great service, fast response, professional and knowledgeable friendly advisors. Great company overall. Would recommend to family and friends

My husband and I had a fantastic experience with the Clear Choice Mortgage & Lender Team. Not only because of their excellent customer service and professional staff member, whenever I had questions about my loan, they responded within minutes. They were super fast, honest and very patient with their clients :D (like me). We ended up closing before the date that we had all planned, my agent was very impressed with their outstanding work. A big big THANK YOU to the entire team!!! I would highly highly recommend everyone to work with this fabulous team. YOU WONT REGRET GOING WITH THE DANG MORTGAGE TEAM!!!

My husband and I had a fantastic experience with the Dang Mortgage Team. Not only because of their excellent customer service and professional staff member,...

The Dang mortgage team is superb ! Every little detail or concern is handled very professionally ! I tend to be veryunorganized yet they were able to work around me and help me every step of the way. Highly Recommended Anthony's Team for any mortgage needs that you may have! 5/5 ! 10/10 !

I have had a good experience with Clear Choice Mortgage & Lender Team. Customer service is very good. They are very responsive. I almost always get my question answer instantly, but sometime it will be answered within 24 hours. They are very friendly and try to work with me when there are any problems with my loan application. I have transferred investment funds between my multiple investment brokerages, and it creates some confusion to the lender. Linh, my loan application processor, has helped me clear all the confusions. She made my load application successfully approved. Overall, they are the best. Thank Clear Choice Mortgage & Lender Team.

Anthony and his team were amazing! I am someone who likes to understand everything I'm dealing with before I sign and so you bet I had a ton of questions to ask Anthony when I was deciding between who to go with to help with my loan. Anthony was extremely patient with me during our first phone call. He took the time to answer all of my questions, and this was after 5pm too! He stayed with me on the phone for over an hour! When I went through the loan process, his team was quick and extremely responsive making sure everything was taken care of and delivered on schedule. When we ran into a snag near the end of closing, his team came through! I am extremely happy with the service I received overall and would definitely work with them again in the future. Highly recommend :)

Julia and I had a great experience with Anthony, Linh, and his team! They were available for any questions we had and were very honest and patient with first time buyers. They explained every step of the way and made us feel very secure and confident throughout the whole process. We could not have had a better experience! We highly recommend the Clear Choice Mortgage & Lender team for all friends and family members! Thank you guys for everything!

I wanted to say how overjoyed I was to work with this team. They were always a tremendous help and lead me through the whole procedure. They made it very easy and stress-less for me. I had been looking for a home for a year and a half and it had been rough. As soon as I worked with Anthony Dang and team, in less then a month we secured a home. I would absolutely recommend the team to everybody looking forward to buying a home.

I had a great experience with Clear Choice Mortgage & Lender Team. As a first time home buyer I was very new to this process but Anthony Dang and his team helped me all the way through. The process was exceptionally quick and simple. Overall I am delighted with them and would refer them to others looking to purchase a home.

Sean, Anthony and Suong were great in responding and keeping us informed in the process of purchasing our second home. It was a seamless transaction and this team is very professional in what they do and how they handle things. I appreciated their help and would highly recommend.

If I could give more stars to the Clear Choice Mortgage & Lender team I would! They were always so quick and responsive to any questions, which was invaluable in a very quick real estate market. Everyone on the team was always familiar with our situation, so it didn't matter who I talked - they always knew what's up and could help. Great people and great service!

We had a great experience with Anthony and his team.He is very professional and is always available to answer all my questions and concerns. The loan process was straight forward and fast. He was able to get my loan approved right on time . Signing process is convenient and easy. Most important, we received the best interest rate and closing in a short period of time.I am very grateful that we got introduced to him and look forward to using his services in the future. I greatly recommend him and his team. I will definitely recommend him to my family and friends.

The Clear Choice Mortgage & Lender Team was on top of it! Every correspondence was followed through with action and punctuality. The Dang mortgage Team kept me updated on a regular basis and always available when I reached out to them. I would recommend this company for anyone who is considering purchasing a new home. Icing on the cake, is the Homes for Heros Program. As a nurse, I benefited from this program, and I am expecting a small percentage of the purchase, paid to me in the form of a check!!

Anthony has been helpful from day 1 before even running the pre-approval. He is wonderful to chat with, work with and gives a lot of great advice which is always appreciated, especially if you are a first time buyer. Anthony was very good at finding time to talk and look at numbers (over and over again, his patience is infinite!). And you can feel you are in excellent hands with him. He also cares about giving his clients the best experience, which is greatly appreciated.

Wonderful service and amazing team!! Truly impressed with how everyone went out of their way to make sure this loan would happen. Extremely knowledgeable and very transparent loan officer. Will use again and again!!